About Roland

Every year we send more than 160,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) across Europe. With this volume, we are one of the largest owner-managed container operators for hinterland traffic in Europe.

As rail operator, Roland organizes daily container departures and has been a reliable partner for freight forwarders and shipping companies in maritime hinterland traffic since 1982. Thanks to the high proportion of in-house produced Roland routes, we are able to offer our customers the highest level of flexibility. Strategic partnerships with European rail operators allow us to connect every destination in Europe. With our large fleet of trucks and our own customs department we are a full-service provider.

In order to get our customers’ containers to their final destination quickly, safely and inexpensively, it’s needed precise, flexible planning, modern, digital logistics systems and, above all, a well-rehearsed and loyal team, in addition to best rail connections.

Container-Operating with attitude

We are convinced: our attitude is our recipe for success and makes us top quality leaders in container logistics. With our experience and high service standards, we remove all obstacles for our customers and find a solution for every transport.

Christian Gutjahr and Nikolaus Hirnschall, Managing Directors of Roland, stand for the highest quality in container transport. © Roland Spedition / Raimo Rudi Rumpler

What makes us special


As a privately run rail operator, Roland has been independent since it was founded in 1982 and is a neutral and loyal partner for freight forwarders and shipping companies.


Roland advises large and small customers personally and provides them with complete information on every transport.


Roland is very speed-conscious. Thanks to our frequent departures, we can move your container to its final destination quickly. A quick quotation is also a matter of course for us.

Quality conscious

Roland calculates tightly, but never at the expense of quality. At least as important as the price is the timely transport of the container.


Roland brings containers from the road to the rail, thereby saving unnecessary road kilometres. This is good for the climate - and for the budget - especially on longer journeys.


Roland is known for its individual solutions. We operate many trains ourselves, which gives us a lot of room for flexibility - even for short-term customer requests.


Roland is a pioneer when it comes to digitization. We are continuously expanding our digital lead - and thus the information lead for the customer.

We support

As the largest independent rail operator in Austria, we want to make a contribution to society outside of our core business. Therefore, we support the following organizations:

You want to learn more?

In our company brochure you will find more information about our service offer and why we are the right partner for maritime hinterland transport.
At the moment there's only the German version available - the English one will follow.


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