"From rail freight forwarder to Austria's largest independent container operator" is the short version of Roland's company history.

Founded in 1982 as a joint venture between the Austrian forwarding and logistics professional Heinz Gutjahr and the Bremen-based Roland Spedition, Roland now organizes around 100,000 container shipments annually and transporting more than 160,000 TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit).

Roland is Austria's largest owner-managed container operator with 160,000 TEU annually. © Roland Spedition / Raimo Rumpler


Founded by Heinz Gutjahr

In the beginning, Roland was a classic rail freight forwarder. Soon after the founding, Roland entered the container business under founder and managing director Heinz Gutjahr, which became more and more important in the 1980s. This marked the beginning of the specialization in Combined Transport.


Renate Gutjahr became managing director

After the death of the company's founder, Heinz Gutjahr, his wife Renate Gutjahr took over the business, supported by co-managing director Johannes Blanka, who shaped the company as an authorized signatory.


Takeover of Bremer Spedition

The Gutjahr family took over all shares of Bremer Spedition, turning Roland Spedition into a fully independent family run business that loyally stands by all its partners. With Christian Gutjahr and Nikolaus Hirnschall, the young generation contributed to a new strategic orientation and led a massive expansion into IT.


Takeover of company Confracht

Roland took over Confracht, the largest private competitor, and became number one in the Austrian container market as an owner-managed company.


Generation change

The early 2000s heralded a change of generations: in 2005, the current managing directors Christian Gutjahr and Nikolaus Hirnschall took over the company.
  • N°1 in the Austrian private container market
  • Over 100,000 transports per year
  • Over 65 million EUR turn over per year
  • Own IT System


Branch office Salzburg

The branch office in Salzburg was established in 2007 so that Roland could make its service even more efficient and closer to customers.
The managing directors Christian Gutjahr and Nikolaus Hirnschall are consistently expanding Roland’s Network, quality assurance and digitalization. © Roland Spedition / Raimo Rumpler


Focus on in-house production

The two managing directors focused on their own routes and continued to capture the market. The high number of Roland’s connections opened a new opportunity for action - also for short-term customer requests.


Expansion of quality assurance

At the beginning of the 2010s, Gutjahr and Hirnschall focused on increased quality as a distinguishing feature from the competition. With their strong team and advanced, digital systems, customer-oriented service has become the core of Roland’s brand.


The first Roland locomotive on rails

30 years of Roland was celebrated with a special gift: the first Roland branded locomotive went into operation in September 2012.


Award as an apprentice focused company

Roland educates the most apprentices in relation to the number of employees in the transport and traffic division and was awarded the "Ausbildertrophy 2014" by the WKÖ NÖ.


More seaports in the portfolio

Roland continued to expand with two new connections to the important seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, making it a leader in maritime hinterland traffic.


App for truck drivers online, new routes

With an app for truck drivers, Roland pushed the topic of digitization in the container business further, and seamlessly informs customers about the transportation process on request - including on the "last mile".


Better communication with authorities through interfaces

The quality of digital systems is raised to a higher level through new interfaces: communication with authorities and port systems in particular is significantly improved, ensuring even more efficient processes.


TRUDI app as a neutral tool for everyone

The independent CN Logistics and Service Group GmbH takes over the trucking app and launches it on the market as a neutral app under the name TRUDI. Free of charge in its basic functionalities, TRUDI offers all market participants - terminals, freight forwarders, truck companies - an efficient, independent tool to digitize the "last mile" and make Combined Transport even more attractive through increased efficiency.


Constant performance despite adverse circumstances

Regardless of any supply chain issues, Roland continues to perform constantly during the Corona crisis. Customer and service quality are essential even in times of crisis and our team proves this with its commitment to every container.


A year full of events

In addition to new connections to/from Wilhelmshaven, Roland puts another Roland locomotive on track as part of its 40th anniversary and 10-year cooperation with WLC. Furthermore, Roland has been presented with the award Logistics Brand 2022 from the Internationale Wochenzeitung Verkehr in the Combined Operator category.
"Rush" - the new Roland locomotive. © APA Fotoservice / Ludwig Schedl


Continous development of service quality

We have been in business long enough to know that the logistics sector in particular never stands still: if you want to maintain quality leadership, you have to work every day to become better and more customer oriented. That is exactly what we will continue to do next year as well – everyday.


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