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Intermodal Solutions

Roland recognizes itself as an innovative full-service provider for container transport. For our customers - shipping companies and freight forwarders - we also develop tailor-made solutions for special transport projects in addition to the usual routes and schedules.

In the project business, in particular, a high standard of quality is a necessity as routine procedures cannot always be relied on. The Roland team brings everything that innovative, reliable transportation solutions need: we rely on many years of professional experience and profound expertise. Our combined transport network, which we have built up over decades, gives us independent access to many unique opportunities. Our high degree of digitalization ensures smooth, highly efficient processes with paperless processing and transparent information throughout the entire transport.


Combined transport makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2. This is another reason why we are pleased about every project that shifts transport from road to rail. Intermodal container traffic is also good for the transportation budget: on longer routes, transport by rail is significantly cheaper than by direct truck delivery. At Roland, even with special projects, you can be sure that we will go the extra mile for you and deliver container operating of the best quality.

High Flexibility

With Roland’s routes, we have an independent train system that guarantees maximum flexibility with the highest quality. Thanks to our cooperation with various rail operators, we have access to capacities throughout Western and Central Europe. This makes us extremely flexible in designing new projects for the green transport of goods by rail.

A fast, reliable transport flow of all goods in the “last mile” is ensured by the well-developed Roland truck fleet and the cooperation of selected, independent truckers. This is how we ensure door-to-door delivery in our transport projects.

Personal Commitment for every Transport

In the development and implementation of individual, intermodal transport solutions, a special characteristic of the Roland Team is particularly important: readiness for action.

We use our proficiency to get your goods from A to B professionally. But we never fall into the trap of routine: At Team Roland, your contact person is personally available for you at all times and is fully committed to ensuring that everything runs so smoothly that problems do not arise in the first place.

Best Quality at the Best Price

At Roland, we understand quality to mean personal and honest customer service. But while others may say that quality has its price, we make sure our customers get the best advice on the market. Due to our independence, we are not tied to certain partners. Our team has an overview of prices for various routes and can put together the desired connection as freely and as cheaply as possible.

Maximum Convenience through Additional Services

When it comes to container operating, details are important to complete a project successfully. That’s why we put together an all-round carefree package for our customers and take care of all the smaller and larger steps involved in container transport for you. This includes numerous value-added services such as customs clearance by experienced personal, temporary storage, professional handling of dangerous goods, port transfers, active cooling at the terminal and much more.


Contact person

If you have any questions or individual transportation needs, please feel free to contact us:

Contact person

If you have any questions or individual transportation needs, please feel free to contact us:

Contact person

If you have any questions or individual transportation needs, please feel free to contact us:

Checklist for booking

  • Define route
  • Estimate quantities
  • Put together special requirements
  • Contact Team Roland

Network & Schedules

In addition to Roland’s routes to and from Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Koper, we also routinely call at many other seaports via our partner routes.


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