Value-added Services

Roland Team proves how comprehensive our service concept is every day with a wide range of additional Services and special services such as safe dangerous goods transports.

Many containers are out of line: some contain dangerous goods and may only be transported under strict legal regulations. Others need constant cooling. Still others are loaded with waste, where separate regulations apply. Some need a high security seal. And almost all of them have to be custom cleared. Our experienced employees know how to deal with all of these cases and carry out all associated tasks in a solution-oriented and reliable manner.


Everyone who knows us knows: Roland’s employees do everything to relieve their customers of any worries or troubles during transport. We look forward to challenges that we can master for you. If you need a special additional service for your transport, let us know.

Own Roland’s customs department

Roland has its own, specialized customs department, which takes care of T1 preparation and any other customs matters in the course of our pre- and oncarriage. We also arrange the import and export customs clearance for our customers and have customs numbers created when the customs declaration is in the port.

If you have any questions about customs clearance, please contact our customs department.

Safe transport of dangerous goods by Roland

At Roland, transport of dangerous goods by rail and road is possible at any time in compliance with all legal regulations. Class 1 and 7 of dangerous goods not accepted. Our specially trained dangerous goods safety adviser customers professionally and takes care of safe processing.

Weight Verification

At most Austrian terminals, we can determine the weight of the container in accordance with the applicable SOLAS and VGM (Verified Gross Mass) regulations. The weighing report issued by Roland complies with all official requirements.

Keep a continuously cold chain

Roland offers transports with an active, seamless cold chain. At the Austrian terminals, active cooling is possible before and after rail transport. We can also transport sensitive goods by direct truck with cooling chassis between the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Trieste and Koper to or from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We also offer this service for the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Additional Services

  • If our customers or their loading point do not have a high security seal available, we can attach the seal on the container.
  • Port detour possible for a surcharge, we also serve “exotic” rail stations.
  • We offer heavy payload container transports (20’ over 28,0 tons GWT / 40’ over 30,0 tons GWT) by rail, heavy payload surcharge applicable.

Contact person

If you have any questions about customs topics please feel free to contact:

Contact person

If you have any questions about customs topics please feel free to contact:

Contact person

If you have any questions or individual transportation needs, please feel free to contact:

Contact person

If you have any questions about dangerous goods or individual transportation needs, please feel free to contact:

Checklist for Booking

  • Define the routes
  • Check the quantities
  • Special requests
  • Contact Team Roland

Network & Schedules

In addition to our Roland routes to and from Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Koper, we also offer regular connections to other seaports via our partner network.


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