Roland has an extensive, digitized fleet of trucks - an important tool in order not to lose any time on the “last mile” and a safety net for our customers.

Only a few shippers are connected to the rail network, which is why trucks play an essential role in the successful Combined Transport model. Roland drove this discipline to perfection. Because we aware: Especially in just-in-time production and with just-on-demand structures, every minute counts. That is why you receive “on time” information from us with every transport: Every Roland truck is equipped with a mobile phone which is in constant contact with our TRUDI application. We can inform you around the clock about the route and the exact position of your container. Also, all essential documents saved paperless in this application. The exchange with terminals and soon also with authorities works flawlessly via secure interfaces.


We combine our trucking with the Roland service, which distinguishes us from others. From the time the order is placed, we take care of everything, including dangerous goods and special requests. Of course, we offer refrigerated chassis, but also lightweight chassis to keep heavy containers on the road under the weight restrictions. All of our trucking is handled exclusively by the Roland team. You can therefore rely 100% on the fact that your freight is on its way independently and completely outside the influence of third parties.

Roland’s fleet of trucks provides security

In contrast to road, there are no heavy traffic jams on the railways. Most trains arrive on time. Nevertheless, it can sometimes happen that rail transport is not possible at the agreed time. Our expanded truck fleet gives us solid room to maneuver: We can rebook your container to truck on short notice and still ensure punctual delivery. Our trucks are in use to and from Germany, Austria and various neighboring countries in Austria.

Experience meets willingness to Perform

The Roland team has many years of know-how and reacts quickly, which starts already when submitting an offer. A stressful situation does not upset our company. We also have specialists on board for handling dangerous goods who, in addition to their experience, have completed all the necessary trainings. As on the railways, we also use all of our energy for road transports to get your container to its destination quickly, safely and as cheaply as possible.

Our services at a glance:

  • 20’ Chassis, 40’ Chassis, 45’ High Cube Chassis
  • Dangerous goods equipped trucks and dangerous goods know-how
  • Reefer chassis
  • Transport of refrigerated reefer
  • Sideloader positions in Linz area
  • Transport of waste
  • Shuttle service possible (pick up case by case)
  • Trucking for weighing (VGM) / customs / multistops
  • Put high security seal on container
  • Unhitch chassis / crane off Container
  • EURO 5 & 6 trucks available

Good cooperation with Terminals and Authorities

Know-how and handshake quality have earned Roland an excellent reputation not only with freight forwarders and shipping companies. Our reliability and our solution-oriented, professional approach are also valued at terminals, railways and customs. Over many years we have built very good partnerships that we can rely on in our sometimes-hectic everyday work. We are also supported by digitization: Interfaces connect the terminals with our truck app and ensure immediate data transfer, including documents such as delivery notes, ingate / outgate depot notes and seal numbers.

TRUDI creates digital lead

Our drivers use TRUDI, the Dispo application from CN Logistics and Service Group GmbH, which connects terminals, freight forwarders and truckers on the “last mile”. Connected via a secure interface, our customers can track the route and position of their containers and have all the relevant information digitally at their disposal. The digital document filing ensures that important papers are always at hand. The electronic pre-registration at the terminal saves time (and nerves) when delivering or collecting containers.

Find out more about TRUDI here.

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Checklist for Booking

  • Obtain all information about the container content from shipper
  • Have the container weight ready
  • Special requests
  • Contact Roland Team

Network and Schedules

In addition to our Roland routes to and from Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Koper, we also offer regular connections to other Seaports via our partner network.


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