Full-Service at Roland


Our customers make practically no effort themselves in the quick, transparent submission of offers to transport and billing. This high quality of service makes Roland a leader in maritime hinterland traffic.

Team Roland proves that customer satisfaction is our highest goal every day. This includes not only picking up and delivering containers at the agreed time, but also organizing and completing all tasks on their journey. Daily departures of fast container direct trains on Roland’s routes, supplemented by a large network of partner routes, make us incomparably flexible and ensure a comprehensive Roland offer.


Supported by high-performance IT, our experienced and highly motivated team finds the most cost-effective and best transportation solution for every shipment. Our customers receive the entire service from a single source, which noticeably reduces their workload. Our customers are automatically informed about the route and position of their container around the clock by modern, digital systems. Roland contact persons are also personally available and take care of every single container with maximum commitment.

Specialist for Seaports

Austria’s main import/export routes are connections to and from the German seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven, which we produce ourselves with daily block train connections to and from the Enns and Vienna terminals with daily departures. Via Roland’s routes between Enns and Graz, this route is also covered with high frequency by rail. With a Roland route to Koper, we also offer shipping companies and freight forwarders an attractive Mediterranean connection.

In addition to high-frequency Roland routes, we open up maritime hinterland traffic throughout Europe for our customers by cooperating with long-term partners. With Roland as an independent full-service provider, you can always rely on us to find the most favorable connection from A to B for your container in every respect.

Pioneer in Digitization

Roland invested in digitization very early on. This is paying off today: our processes are significantly error-prone. We can process paperless dispatch and manage documents. We know where our customers’ containers are at all times and can keep them fully informed.

We have developed our IT systems ourselves. This gives us the great advantage that our systems are tailored to our proven, customer-oriented work processes, and we do not have to rely on the limitations of “off-the-shelf” software.

Commitment as a Contribution to Climate

“We are fighting to ensure that customers use more cost-effective and climate-friendly rail options for longer distances and only use trucks for the ‘last mile’. This not only gives our customers a great cost advantage, but also improves the entire supply chain and its ecological footprint,” is how a member of Team Roland summarized the motivation of our employees. You can find out more about the climate and budget benefits of Combined Transport on our climate protection page.

Intermodal Solutions

We bring innovative transport concepts to rail with our decades of experience and in-depth industry know-how.
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A large fleet of trucks is available for the "last mile". Our mobile app provides "on time" information about the route and position of the container.
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Value-added services

From the moment an order has been placed, our customers have practically no additional work to do. Our team takes care of all tasks and fulfills special requests.
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