Roland-confectionery according to a secret recipe

06. July 2022 | 40 Years, Company Infos

On the occasion of our 40th anniversary, we have our own Roland editions from the house of the traditional Zuckerlwerkstatt (“manufacturer of sweets”).

Quality, enthusiasm and the joy of doing things – these are the ingredients put into the sweets of the Zuckerlwerkstatt. In Vienna & Salzburg, long-forgotten sweets are made according to traditional recipes with the highest quality standards.

Not only do we have Vienna & Salzburg in common, but we are also united by our passionate attitude towards work. That’s why we decided on our own Roland edition of the Zuckerlwerkstatt for our anniversary gift.

This special gift not only resonates with our customers, but also with our team – and so the sweets have already been enjoyed on one or two summer trips.

Caribbean flair & invigorating Roland-sweets. © Roland Spedition

Every single sweet is made with a passion for detail, just as every container is brought to its destination with professionalism and the highest level of commitment.

We are pleased about this successful anniversary present and we wish everyone convivial moments!


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