Portrait: A pioneer of the transport industry

15. December 2022 | 40 Years, Blog

Renate Gutjahr took over Roland Spedition, founded in 1982, from one day to the next in the nineties. She and a loyal team achieved great things as a result: making the company successful despite adverse circumstances, and specializing in Combined Transport in a pioneering role throughout Austria.

On the occasion of our 40th anniversary, we met up with Renate Gutjahr for a conversation and were allowed to interview her about the early years of Roland Spedition and, of course, about what the former managing director does today.

Note: this interview is only available in German.

Renate Gutjahr. © Roland Spedition

A strong women in the freight forwarding industry

In the beginning, Renate Gutjahr was one of only a few working women in this field and it was not easy to be taken seriously as a young female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry. Thanks to her dedication and a loyal team, as well as co-managing director Johannes Blanka, Roland Spedition became a successful container operator with a family flair.

„My best decision was to keep this company going.“

Renate Gutjahr

former managing director


Finally, we would like to thank Renate Gutjahr for the interview and all these interesting insights.


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