Toll increases 2023/24 in Germany, Hungary and Austria

09. October 2023 | Company Infos

Drastic increase in toll rates in Germany, Hungary and Austria from Q4 2023.

We would like to inform you about the current toll developments in 2023/24 – in particular drastic toll and CO2 tax increases in Germany, Hungary and Austria already announced by politicians.

The toll rates for the Hungarian toll will be increased by 17,6% as of October 1st, 2023. The Hungarian government is also planning further adjustments, which means that toll increases are also to be expected from January 1st, 2024.

The truck toll on German roads is also to increase significantly. From December 1st, 2023, a CO2 differentiation (EUR 200,– per ton of CO2) of the truck toll is to be introduced, and from July 1st, 2024 the extenstion to trucks with a technically permissible gross vehicle mass of over 3.5 tonnes is to be introduced.

The toll increase in Austria is currently still under review, but we strongly assume that CO2 pricing will lead to significant increases.

Based on the information available, we will adjust our tariffs accordingly in the comming weeks.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the entire sales team.

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