Reduction of lead times at hinterland terminals

13. September 2022 | Operative Infos

The situation in the seaports remains very tense. Due to the regular handling backlogs and dispositive train inflow controls by HPA, there is currently no improvement in sight.

On top of all this, these delays are also having an impact on the hinterland – especially as we are currently faced with a very large number of early deadlines. As a result, the terminals are working to full capacity, especially in the mornings, and in recent weeks there has been an increase in waiting times for pickup and drop-off the containers.

In order to be able to counteract these delays, we ask you to also arrange appointments with your customers from 1 p.m. onwards, so that there can be a relief at the hinterland terminals again. With this more optimal distribution of appointments, lead times can be kept low, which again enables us to respond more flexibly to your customer requests.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the entire Roland Sales Team at


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