Market and price developments 2023

17. October 2022 | Company Infos

We would like to inform you about the current price and market developments for the upcoming year 2023. We have been following an increase in all costs for months, especially the cost increases for traction power, due to high inflation and the geopolitical environment. The current situation in the energy market is a real exceptional situation for all of us. As a rail operator, we cannot make any precise and accurate forecasts for next year at this point of time due to the price volatility. Nevertheless, we would like to roughly describe the current market situation here.

Base Rate (KV/KVS)

In the upcoming year 2023, rail or combined transport will continue to be exposed to increasing cost pressure. In rail production, the main cost drivers are energy, railroad track, shunting costs. In addition, we are confronted with rising personnel costs for train drivers and truck drivers. Rising terminal costs are also to be expected.


Temporary Surcharges

Energy Emergency Surcharge (EES)

In view of the high energy prices, there has recently been a political call for a price cap on electricity. Whether such an electricity price cap will also be introduced at EU level for the traction electricity price for freight trains, and to what extent this could affect intermodal transport and thus the energy surcharge, is still open at the present time.

We are already facing massive electricity price increases (vs. since July 2022). However, as we cannot expect a final political decision here in the next few weeks either, we have to assume that electricity prices will remain very volatile within the next months. To counteract this from a business perspective and necessity, we will change the Energy Emergency Surcharge (EES) on the basis of an adjustment to the Energy Surcharge (Energy Floater) from 2023. We will inform you in due course about the specific implementation of this.

Congestion Surcharge

Ship delays and congestion at seaport terminals continue to have a massive impact on hinterland traffic. An easing of the current situation in the seaports is not in sight in the foreseeable future and continues to be very tense.

Fuel surcharge

The CO2 pricing recently introduced in Austria is further boosting inflation and especially the price of diesel. However, crude oil prices are generally going up and so are fuel prices overall. In order to always be up-to-date, the price overview will continue to be updated weekly under constant observation of daily prices and will be available as usual via our website at the following link

We regret that we will not be able to provide you with final conditions for 2023 before mid/end of November this year – due to the very difficult situation and the prevailing price volatilities still to be observed. We are already in negotiations with our partners, as a longer negotiation phase on the purchasing side is becoming apparent for the reasons already mentioned. We would also like to emphasize herewith that we will prepare all offers to the best of our knowledge and with professional care, also to ensure the usual Roland quality.


We thank you for your trust – for any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the entire Roland Sales Team.


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