Every container counts - our contribution to climate protection.

13. April 2023 | Blog

Recently, the Freight Transport Master Plan 2030 was presented. One of its goals is to shift more traffic to rail in order to achieve climate targets.

As Roland, we want to make a major contribution to this – as we have done in the past. Our Roland trains saved around 67.615 tons* CO2 last year. Railroads are one of the most environmentally friendly means of transportation and with every transport on our trains you also make a major contribution to climate protection.

*CO2 calculation according to EN16258, comparison was made between train and truck.

Railroads as most environmentally friendly means of transportation. © Roland Spedition / Raimo Rumpler

Sustainability & Combined Transport

As a family-owned company, we have always been concerned with sustainability – out of a sense of responsibility to our employees, our transport operations and, of course, to the environment. Combined Transport not only protects the climate, but also your budget.

Our contribution to climate protection

Our activities as ROLAND Spedition in the area of sustainability and climate protection:

  • Investment in clean rail: our Roland trains are powered 100% by CO2 free E-locomotives
  • Reduction of CO2 due to increased efficiency through digitalization
  • As part of our membership in CombiNet, we are also actively commited to Combined Transport
  • Contribution to the modal split by shifting to rail as the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation
  • For the “last mile”, we use trucks with the most modern exhaust emission standards and also want to make use of alternative driving vehicles in the future

Together on the “road to zero emissions”

The “road to zero emissions” is a question of teamwork and can only be achived together with our customers and partners.

If you would like to make a contribution to the protection of the environment and shift your transport from the road to the climate-friendly and more cost-effective rail, our team will be happy to advise you.


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