Wien Freudenau Terminal 1 Block


Due to a crane breakdown at WienCont Container Terminal on terminal 1 and the train delays, the truck handling is completely blocked on terminal 1 and not possible at the moment. Fruthermore current delays are followed again on Terminal in Enns, whereby we were forced to cancel the loading of your export containers and lead them to Linz for the loading of the train.

As a result of a damage overhead cable in the area of Klosterneuburg we will also be forced to reroute all of our trains which are coming in/out from/to WienCont Container Terminal. This will obviously lead to further delays at our train systems ex Vienna/Enns to HH/BRV and vice versa. We will put everything in motion to find induvidual solutions for you and to react quickest possible to the given circumstances.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you and which are beyond our control. Please take these delays into account regarding to your planning. Your contact person at ROLAND SPEDITION will keep you informed about the status of your transport. Please note that ROLAND SPEDITION does not assume any liability for costs resulting of this problems.

Kind regards
ROLAND Spedition