Restrictions on rail traffic – storm front “Sabine”

Karina BranayaiOperational

We want to inform you that there are currently very severe restrictions or delays and line closures on the German rail network due to storm “Sabine”. The terminals in Hamburg and Bremerhaven also ceased operations on 09.02.2020 and partially resumed early on 10.02.2020.

Currently, 3 trains of ROLAND Spedition in Hamburg and 1 train in Bremerhaven had to be parked. 1 export train ex Vienna and Enns had to be cancelled for planned departure on 10.02.2020.

According to the forecasts, the storm will reach Austria during the course of 10.02.2020 and we expect temporary closures at all terminals due to strong storm gusts.

Delivery times or fixed dates cannot be guaranteed, these require unhindered transport conditions by rail or road transport.

We would like to draw your attention that we are not liable for any costs resulting from this event related issues.

If any questions, please contact your ROLAND Spedition contact  person.

Your Team at Roland Spedition