Problems CTE (Containerterminal Enns)


Due to various ongoing problems with CTE (Containerterminal Enns), caused by bad performance in the area of container handling, as well as changes in their IT system, we must inform you that significant delays will occur on our train systems. Particularly affected by this are all relations from and to Hamburg and Bremerhaven in our roundtrip train concept. These massive delays will unfortunately lead to the fact that your containers will not reach closings, respectively it might lead to postponements in delivering imports.

You can rest assured that the team of ROLAND Spedition is already intensively considering all solutions, for example alternative container terminals, in order to defuse the situation for you. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you and which are beyond our control. Please note that ROLAND SPEDITION does not assume any liability for costs beyond our control and which are resulting of this problems.

Kind regards
ROLAND Spedition