Imperment by storm front “Herwart”, October 30, 2017

Karina BranayaiOperational

Storm front “Herwart” has a significant impact on the infrastructure in the North Sea ports. Because of overturned containers, parts of Bremerhaven and Hamburg had to be closed. As we have also been informed by our partner, there are currently no trains to / from Bremerhaven due to a signal box failure.

This has now the consequence that the train systems of Roland Spedition are on the way with considerable delays, as a continuation of many trains was no longer possible. From today’s perspective, therefore, no short-term relief of the situation is foreseeable. For this reason, we can not guarantee the arrival of ship connections or exits from the North Sea ports.

We regret these restrictions on the entire logistics process, but these are events of force majeure on which our partners and we have no influence and hope for you and your customers on an early “normalization” to get back to the usual quality standard.

As a precaution, we point out that ROLAND SPEDITION assumes no liability for costs resulting from these problems.

Your Team at Roland Spedition