Impacts Stromfront Friederike – Acceptance measure for trains to Germany via Passau

Karina BranayaiOperational

Stormfront Friederike has a significant impact on rail infrastructure in the direction to the North Sea ports.We have just received information from ÖBB-Netz that due to the weather conditions in Germany no trains will be accepted from Passau towards Hamburg and Bremerhaven.

In parts of Germany, the oparaters have stopped the entire train service.We very much regret these restrictions on the entire logistics process, but these are events of force majeure that our partners and we have no control over, we hope for a speedy “normalization” of the situation in order to return to the usual quality standard.

About present situation of your transportorder, please contact your ROLAND Spedition contact person.

As a precaution, we point out that ROLAND Spedition assumes no liability for costs or delays resulting from these Event.

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