From rail forwarder to container operator!

In 1982, Roland Spedition was founded as a joint venture created by the Austrian haulage and logistics expert Heinz Gutjahr and the Bremen-based Roland Spedition. Today, Roland manages 100.000 container transport operations a year, which equates to over 150.000 TEU.

As early as during the eighties, when the container boom started to gain speed, container transport became a part of combined transportation.

In 1991, after the death of the company founder, Heinz Gutjahr, his wife Renate took over the business.

In 1997, the Gutjahr family took over the shares in the Bremen-based haulage company, and Roland Spedition became a fully independent, family-run company.

The container operations business grew, just as the IT industry did. In 2001, Confracht, the largest private competitor, was taken over. Roland became the number on in the austrian private container market.

In 2005, the current Managing Directors, Christian Gutjahr and Magister Nikolaus Hirnschall, were selected to run the company.

In 2007, a subsidiary was founded in Salzburg, in order to work more efficiently and closer contact with customers.

From 2010 the company focused on operating the main transport routes with its own infrastructure, and as such were able to continue to dominate the market.

In order to offer customers the best level of service possible, the main emphasis was placed on expansion and quality assurance of the existing services in 2011 und 2012.

On the thirtieth anniversary of Roland Spedition’s founding, the first Roland locomotive was put into operation in 2012.

Despite the economic turmoil in the industry, the expansion continued unimpeded: ongoing investments in management and investment systems were made, and new customer relationships and business areas were developed.

In terms of number of empolyees, Roland trains the most students in the Transport & Logistics sector, and received the WKÖ NÖ prize for education in 2014.

In 2015 Roland expanded further to offer new destinations, namely Rotterdam and Antwerp. 

In 2016 the app for our HGV drivers was rolled out, which informs customers about the transport process, upon request. A new connection to Nuremberg was added to the Roland network. In the South, a new connection to Rijeka was also added.

We are looking forward to working on future projects with you.