Change of timetable for “Grazer Freiheit” beginning in week 50

Karina BranayaiOperational

Due to a change in our production we have to change our timetable as follows by 10.12.2017. We would like to inform you that the departure of the “Grazer Freiheit” has to be changed from Thursday to Monday beginning in week 50. Containers, which are supposed to be dispatched to Graz, have to be delivered at the Terminal Enns on Friday until 6 pm at the latest. The departure will take place on Monday morning and the train is supposed to arrive in Graz early afternoon, as usual. Delivery for export containers to Koper is already possible on Wednesday.

For transports from Graz to the German northern ports (Hamburg / Bremerhaven) the containers have to be delivered to Terminal Graz on Monday until 4 pm at the latest. The train arrive at the northern port on Wednesday.

This product of Roland Spedition will also contribute to serve the Styrian area in the future, of course with the usual high quality level, especially on the north-south axle in your logistics portfolio.

Your Team at Roland Spedition