Additional Export Train to Bremerhaven in calender week 40 ex Enns

Karina BranayaiOperational

Due to the pleasing booking situation all export capacities of the above mentioned departure terminal to Bremerhaven are in calendar week 40 fully booked in the system of the ROLAND SPEDITION.

Since additional trains are produced considerably more expensive and these trains cannot be circulated due to the lack of import, we will impose a surcharge of € 25,-/TEU for new orders (bookings from this point until the train is fully utilized).

This amount represents only a marginal share of the incurring costs for the extra train, but as ROLAND SPEDITION we want our customers to take advantage of the possibility to use an alternative offer in case of exhaustion of resources.

If these additional capacities are exhausted, you will of course be informed by your ROLAND SPEDITION contact person.
We hereby offer you the possibility to meet the requirements of the market of our partners and customers at a low cost despite the enormous inconsistencies in traffic flows.

Your Team at Roland Spedition