Operating is a team sport

When it concerns container operation, we are your team. Over 100.000 container transports annually. This volume makes Roland the largest private independent container operator in Austria.

As an operator, Roland acts as a link between the respective shipping or haulage companies, the customer and the shipper. As such, Roland is responsible for ensuring that a container is transported in a quick, safe, and cost-effective way. This requires a consistent information system and a smooth-running supply chain.

The key aspect of our transport services is that we connect large European sea ports, such as Hamburg or Bremerhaven, to the major terminals in Austria, like Vienna, Salzburg, Linz/Enns, and Graz. Roland also offers connections to western ports (e.g. Rotterdam and Antwerp) and to Adriatic ports (Triest, Koper, Rijeka). There are also additional connections to Switzerland and Austria’s neighbouring EU countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and numerous other destinations all over Europe. Therefore, Roland is not only responsible for container transport to inland terminals, but also for the last mile: either by rail or road.

Trust in the leading hinterland transport operator.

The philosophy of combined transport is to provide time- and cost-effective transportation of goods using varied modes of transport: by sea, rail, and road.

As part of our ” One Stop Shopping” service, we take care of all of the often complicated and laborious bureaucratic formalities and processes that affect the transport chain: from the job confirmation and the departure notice to or from Hamburg or Bremerhaven, up to the in-house customes department. Our Roland Trucking department is also available to you, with a fleet of 50 HGVs. Of course, you can make use of our other services, such as freight forwarding to railway siding, creating consignment notes, and registration at ports (Z/BHT number).

Any delays in hinterland transport have ramifications throughout a company’s entire supply chain. In order to inform you of unforeseen events in a timely manner, you will receive a regular newsletter, which will keep you up to date on new developments and improvements within our company, and more.

Professional partners for professional services
Roland works together with reliable and internationally-respected partners, such as the Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo GmbH (WLC), which has been represented in maritime block train transportation since 2003, and which Roland has used as a train operator since 2008. Our reliable service is underpinned by contracts with responsible transport operators.

Every job requires its tactic.

Trust in our employees’ industry knowledge. Regular training ensures the best level of service – from technical solutions to personal transport consultation. 

In order to approach your individual transportation needs in a flexible way, we work with technical solutions developed based on real processes. We focus primarily on intuitive and user-friendly service.

Innovation is tradition
That is Roland’s motto. Since the company was founded, we have been striving for qualitative growth by building trust and through targeted expansion. We are on the cutting edge, we follow current trends and set them too – always with our core values in mind.

Enjoy the benefits of our information system.
Would you like to know where the container holding your goods is located at any given time? Our HGV drivers’ mobile phones are alle equipped with an app we developed ourselves, which allows us to tell you the route and exact location of your container at any time of day. This information can be crucial for your own planning, especially if you are working with just-in-time and just-on-demand structures. Upon request, we can offer you precise monitoring of your container, particularly for specialist Transportation.